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Postcard - Carrot
This postcard design features the outline of a carrot, originally stitched, in a variety o..
Postcard - Cat Painting
This postcard design features a painting of a Maine Coon, created using acrylic paints. ..
Postcard - Cut Out
This postcard design features an originally laser cut design, including outlines of m..
Postcard - Digital Lace and Starfish
This postcard design features my starfish design and lace effect design, created by m..
Postcard - Dog Painting
This postcard features a painting of a Dog's Head, created using acrylic paints. Printe..
Postcard - Fish
This postcard features a range of my fish paintings, created using gouache paints.  ..
Postcard - Green and Yellow Lace
This postcard features my lace effect design, created by mirroring stitched elem..
Postcard - Green Spots
This postcard features distorted and overlapped spots in three different colours..
Postcard - Helter Skelter
This postcard features seaside photographs and a helter skelter, originally created u..
Postcard - Multicoloured Stripes
This postcard design features multicoloured spotted stripes and linear vers..
Postcard - Octopus
This postcard design features my linear octopus drawing, created using a fineliner pe..
Postcard - Orangutan
This postcard features an Orangutan painting, created using acrylic paints. Printed ont..
Postcard - Pet Repeat
This postcard features a variety of my cat and dog drawings, mainly created using pastels ..
Postcard - Purple and Blue
This postcard features a purple and blue design with lighter coloured spots.&nbs..
Postcard - Rafflesia
This postcard features a painting of a Rafflesia, a large flower found in southe..
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